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November 01,2023

Next Steps After Getting the Keys to Your Property

Getting the keys to your new place is a total rush. Your heart’s pounding as you step inside for the first time and breathe in that fresh paint and untouched hardwood. This is really happening – that beautiful home you’ve been dreaming about is now yours, and it is a pinch-yourself moment. 

As the builders hand over the keys with a grin and a handshake, you feel their weight in your palm. It is the start of a whole new chapter. Your plans and visions are now a reality. 

From the custom cabinets to the trendy tiled backsplash, everything whispers “brand new.” 

And new means making this house into a home that feels like yours. 

So buckle up because now the real fun begins! You have a handy list of must-dos to turn this fresh construction into your personal paradise. It’ll take some work, but the joy of crafting your ideal space makes it all worthwhile.

This is your time to shine, so get ready to say welcome home, and let’s get started.

First Steps to First Nights: A Walkthrough to Your First Moments in Your New Home

Congratulations, The Keys are Yours! Now What?

Take a second to soak it all in. 

After months of pouring over floor plans, fawning over paint chips, and watching your home go up beam by beam, you have the keys in your hot little hand! Your dream home is officially real. Pretty mind-blowing, right?

This is your chance to give your new “baby” a thorough once-over before settling in. You’ll be making memories here for years, so take some time to ensure everything is just right.

First up – the deficiency check. Look everything over closely for any fixes needed – a paint smudge here, a loose handle there. It may seem tiny, but they all add up. Please make a list (known as a deficiency list) so the builders can handle it. The list will ensure your palace is in tip-top shape before move-in day. No place is 100% perfect, and that’s okay. Minor tweaks now mean you’ve got a flawless blank canvas for making this house your home. So go forth and inspect! 


Shine the Spotlight: Clean to Your Expectations

Going from a construction zone to a peaceful home is pretty magical. 

Your place was buzzing with talented folks working hard to build your dreams. There has been some serious love put into making your vision real.

Every new build has its funk – a little leftover sawdust here, a speck of paint there. It’s like a badge of honour for all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into crafting your pad. The builders will do a professional cleanup; however, it does take time for the dust to settle. You will notice that although there has been a thorough cleaning, you will find dust on surfaces and wonder where it is coming from. Renting an ‘Air Scrubber’ from your builders will ensure that the air is cleaned before moving in. Using an air scrubber before you decide to put a little of your own elbow grease into your new home will help eliminate the frustration of continued construction dust cleaning.  

Because of the extra dust settling, we recommend ensuring you have the best air possible in your new home by checking your furnace filters often when first moving in. As the furnace cleans some of that dust out of the air, you will want to ensure your filters are changed more frequently at the beginning. 

Taking the time to clean and care for your new home will allow you to connect with every corner and surface personally. Appreciate those gorgeous finishes you painstakingly chose as they went from blueprint to reality. Don’t think of it as scrubbing away the construction phase; it is more about adding your fingerprints as this new build transforms into your home. A little elbow grease and this house will feel like you’ve been here forever.


The Utilities Matter

Outfitting your new crib with the essentials is important for making it feel like a home sweet home. We are talking about more than tossing some furniture in here. To settle in and make this space your own, you need working utilities flowing through the veins of your property.

Imagine walking through the front door and being greeted by cozy heat, bright lights, and the soothing sound of running water. Ahh, heavenly. From whipping up meals to binge-watching your favourite shows, you need these services pumping to keep everyday life running smoothly.

Here’s a quick utility checklist for new homeowners:

  • Electricity (duh!)
  • Natural gas or propane for heating/cooking
  • Water
  • Internet (high speed, its a must have)

Getting these vital amenities up and running ASAP means less disruption to your life. It’s one of the first steps in turning a
new construction into a comfy home where you can kick back and relax. 

Don’t Forget Address Changes

Moving into your new pad means you’ve got a new address to share. Using Canada Post’s forwarding service is recommended when moving as it manages the transition smoothly while you take the time to change all of your details. While your mail is forwarded, make a list of all the mail you are receiving and ensure you make the call to ensure it is changed for each area. 

Here’s a handy list that will assist you;  

  • CRA accounts
  • Health cards
  • Driver’s license and car registration
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Utility companies
  • Insurance policies
  • Gym/club memberships
  • Subscriptions
  • And more!

Getting this done as soon as possible will assist you in keeping your life organized and avoid important info slipping through the cracks. It’s a hassle but worth it to keep things flowing in the right direction.

Moving Day
: Let’s Do This Right!

Okay, with everything set up and ready to rumble, it’s time to move into the new chapter of your life. Let’s break this down nice and simple.

Choose a specific move-in day; it will help you plan and prep. 

Ask yourself if you are in a position to move yourself or if it is necessary to hire movers. Moving yourself is challenging work. Hiring pros to help you transition and create a smooth process could be money well spent. 


Pro Tips for Seamless Shifting

  • Declutter first. Toss, donate, or sell items you won’t need in your new place. It lightens the load big time.
  • Label boxes by room and contents. It will simplify unpacking in your new home.
  • Pack an essentials box. Clothes, toiletries, medications, this is the box you will live out of during night 1 in your new place. 
  • Wrap up valuables. Use bubble wrap, blankets, etc, to prevent damage in transit.
  • Photograph high-value items. It will assist you in keeping track of things and prove if anything gets damaged.
  • Tackle it in small chunks. Makes the process feel smoother.


Unpacking = Home Sweet Home

Unpacking isn’t just about emptying boxes – it’s where your house transforms into a home. Start with essential spots like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathrooms. Ensure you’re set up so you and your family’s basic needs are met.

Then, make bedrooms comfy for recharging. Save fun areas like the family room for last. There’s no deadline, so find the perfect spot for each item. Unpacking is when you begin to infuse personality and love into the space. If it takes a day, week, or even month, slowly but surely, you’ll create the perfect environment with your personal touch.


Conclusion: Your New Journey Begins

And there you have it! With that, you’re in your home, and you’re all moved in. With each step you take to turn this house into a home, your dreams become reality. Those shiny new keys in your hand will lead to cooking your first meal, hosting your first party, and drifting off to sleep in your new sanctuary.

It isn’t just about moving into a new place. It’s starting an adventure – bringing your vision to life piece by piece, moment by moment. Celebrate this huge milestone, my friend. Your new chapter awaits! Roll up those sleeves and get ready to infuse this place with your heart and soul. Fill it with laughter, memories, and, most importantly – you and your family.

The construction is complete, and now, the real magic begins as you transform this house into your long-awaited dream home.