Asked & Answered


Do you have any lots for sale?

We currently do not have any lots for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a lot, the amazing sales team at McKinley Beach are the people to talk to! You can visit them in the McKinley Beach Show Home located at 3428 Water Birch Circle or contact them at: 250-980-5555. You can also find available lots for sale.

Do you have any homes for sale?

We currently do not have any homes for sale. We will have more coming soon, check back at Canvas at McKinley Beach.

How soon can you start building my home?

Once you have closed on your lot purchase and we have your plans, we operate on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner we have finalized plans and a contract in place, the sooner we can start building your dream home!

How long do we have before we must start building?

From completion of the lot purchase, you have 2 years to commence building your custom home.

What size of home can I build?

Homes in McKinley Beach are subject to floor area limitations. Your home can be a maximum of 1883 square feet on the main floor and a maximum total net floor area of 3,767 square feet.

Should I get pre-approved before looking at lots?

Yes. It’s important to know the amount you can spend on the project before committing to a lot. If you’re looking for mortgage broker to help you through the process, we recommend Bronwyn Watson of CIBC or Jamie Carpenter of Interior Savings.

I heard that all homes in the subdivision must follow a modern design. Is this true?

The homes we are building in McKinley Beach follow a West Coast Contemporary design, not a modern design that you may think of as stark or concrete. The vibe is more casual, beachy and reminiscent of earth and the surrounding landscape.