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March 28,2022

Building A Comfort Focused Home

Let’s focus on building a Comfortable Home

When people think of a comfortable home, the first image that comes to mind is large windows bringing in natural light, comfortable furniture, and beautiful interior finishes. While these items are essential to a comfortable indoor environment, they are not the whole picture. The building itself can have a huge impact on how comfortable you are in space. In general, an energy-efficient home is also a more comfortable home.

Comfort in your house

A home that leaks air through the walls will have trouble keeping indoor temperatures constant and will cause uncomfortable drafts. There are many airtightness techniques builders can implement to reduce air leakage, whether during a renovation or the construction of a new home. This will help you feel more comfortable in your home and reduce your home’s energy use.

More comfortable with high-quality windows

Old windows will also leak air – you can test this by putting your hand near your window to feel if there is a breeze. Windows also allow the sun to radiate heat into your home, resulting in higher indoor temperatures during the summer. Have you ever noticed during the winter that you feel cold even though your thermostat is set to 22°C? This is because your body is radiating heat to the cold window surface.

High-performance windows = Comfortable Home

High-performance windows can mitigate these issues through various technologies. Try to find the best-performing windows within your budget. Try looking for windows that are Energy Star certified and have a low U-value. Although windows are expensive, they are one of the main sources of energy leaving your home and replacing windows can have significant cost savings on your energy bills and increase your comfort.