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As youth, Cassidy and Gerald were both brought up in construction families. Cassidy spent much of her childhood on construction sites with her dad, often begging him to take her to work. She was very curious about the process of building homes and her abundance of questions sure showed that. On site, you could generally find her stacking lumber, helping to clean up the construction site or critiquing the inefficient layout of a home. Cassidy’s dad worked in the industry throughout his life and provided her with guidance and knowledge that can only be learned from years of experience.

Gerald’s ambition started when he was just three years old, watching as his new family home was built. He too, spent most of his childhood helping his dad and grandpa around different construction sites. After high school, Gerald started working full-time with his dad, learning about each stage of building from foundations and groundwork to finishing and landscaping. On a whim, he decided to move to Kelowna to start a new job and within a year went from the bottom of the line to the lead hand on incredibly detailed and design-oriented homes.

Cassidy and Gerald met while he was framing these high-end custom homes. It was then that they decided to put their passions together, starting a framing company that evolved into custom home building. With three generations of builders on both sides, it was only natural that they name their company 3rd Generation Homes. Since then, Cassidy and Gerald have focused their efforts on one simple thing – building dream homes for their clients in Kelowna, BC.