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December 13,2023

Savour the Season: How to Craft a Memorable Hosting Experience (With Holiday Recipes)

If you’ve just moved into your new home, chances are you’re already daydreaming about filling it with family, friends, and loved ones to celebrate in style. And, of course, show off just a little bit too – as you should!

Just imagine – soon, you’ll have lights sparkling brightly, festive music setting a cheerful mood, lively chatter, and laughter ringing out. And those holiday aromas drifting out from the kitchen – that’s where the real magic happens!

See, when it comes to hosting, your kitchen is truly the heart of your home.

A place to create memories while showing off your new appliances, thoughtfully organized layout, and gorgeous design aesthetic as you welcome family and friends with wide-open arms.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

First, we need to transform your kitchen into a festive holiday haven, and this post is full of ideas to do just that!

We’ll cover the basics of hosting a festive gathering, what makes a good hosting experience, suggest a menu full of recipes to get you started, and cocktails.


Why the Kitchen is the Heart of Your Home

A rustic looking kitchen in a luxury home

Hosting is less about kitchen duties and more about memories in the making.

From Uncle Jim’s boisterous laugh echoing as he stirs the gravy to Aunt Beth picking at the ingredients over a catch-up – these sensory snippets tether each guest back to cherished holidays past, even as new traditions etch themselves into memory.

The kitchen provides the backdrop for crafting these poignant, nostalgia-steeped moments.

So, as the holidays approach, why not give that shiny new kitchen free rein to shine even brighter? A thoughtfully crafted menu can be the perfect pairing.


How to Craft the Perfect Holiday Menu

It’s about serving long-lasting memories between the very first bite and the last crumb. About garnishing each dish with memories — cozy as Grandma’s kitchen, bright as finding one last hidden cookie.

A menu tells a story of comforting, well-worn flavours made new again, of recipes preserved and then personalized just for this gathering of old and new friends.

But enough of the imagining, let’s make this real.

We love menus that begin by warming people to a fantastic food experience right to the end. While the approach changes depending on the event and the people, the basic blueprint looks like this:

  • First Cocktail
  • Appetizers / Charcuterie Board
  • The Main Course
  • Second Cocktail
  • Dessert


Let’s break it down some more:


Kick Things Off with a Cocktail

Three beautiful-cocktails lined up in an aesthetic way

As guests arrive eager to reconnect, greet them at the door with cocktails. The first joyful “cheers!” will kick off a night filled with cozy chatter by the sparkling tree.

Here are some of my favourites:


Apple Cider Sangria

Cinnamon-kissed apple cider and ruby-red pomegranate juices mingle with pineapple and orange slices.

One sip and suddenly, those carols sound merrier!

Here’s the recipe.


Merry Cherry Christmas Cocktail

Remember those sweet-tart maraschino cherries on cookie tins at Christmas?

We’re stirring up the memories by playing up that flavour in this festive, crimson-hued Moscow Mule. And to tie up this holiday package, a bright mint leaf garnish on top!

Get the recipe here.


Christmas Martini

Deck this flirty martini with all the holiday trimmings – hints of pine and cranberries garnish the glass while flavors of pear liqueur and vodka inside evoke winter cheer.

You’ll find the recipe here.


Christmas Punch

Gather round the (punch) bowl, friends!

Our holiday elixir brims with tropical cherry notes while gently spiced orange and winter berry undertones sprinkle seasonal spirit.

Click here for the recipe!


Mocktail: French-Style Hot Chocolate with Coffee

Coffee and velvety hot chocolate perform a festive holiday dance here, made even more magical with fluffy whipped cream and cocoa topping worthy of the North Pole’s finest elf bakers!

Here’s the recipe.


Get Mouths Watering Appetizers

As that big holiday feast bubbles away, swing open the kitchen door and welcome in guests hungry for a taste!

Pass around small bites and appetizers as you all gather for the pouring of seconds (and thirds!) of Christmas Punch, with laughter and chatter warming the room.

The first nibbling stop? A holiday grazing board, of course!

After all, little says the season’s here like cozying around the oven’s glow with snacks!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Grazing board: Load up a fragrant pine plank with savory meats, fresh cheeses, crunchy nuts, and crackers begging for something sweet or tangy. Watch faces light up, seeing old favourites alongside new ones!
  • Festive dips: How about an artichoke spinach dip swirled with pesto? Or a creamy, cheese-laden version studded with peppers?
  • Baked brie with cranberry chutney: Oozy, melty brie is what holiday dreams are made of. Top a wheel with spiced chutney for a surefire hit.


The Main Course

This is, well, the main event.

The aim is to impress with a standout main course that embodies warmth, comfort, and your own personal touch.

For your meal’s crowning glory, you could present guests with tender roast beef sliced to reveal a mouthwatering pink center or a herb-roasted turkey with cranberry stuffing paired with buttery mashed potatoes and dressed greens.

But when crafting a holiday feast, there’s one thing you simply can’t compromise on: the Yorkshire puddings!

That crispy top and fluffy, tender interior are the stuff holiday dinner dreams are made of.

Lucky for you, we have the perfect recipe to take your roast to the next level!


Perfect Yorkshire Puddings


  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1⁄2 tsp. Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste



1. Blend ingredients in a blender or food processor and let sit at room temperature for an hour. If you want to make it ahead, you can store it in the fridge and then take it out and let it warm to room temperature. Room temperature batter is the secret!

2. Crank up the oven heat to 450°F.

3. Grab a muffin tray and pour about ½ TSP of olive oil in each section.

4. Slide the pan into the oven for 4 minutes until the oil is very hot.

5. Carefully pull out the hot pan and gently pour your smooth liquid batter right into the sizzling oil. Listen for that satisfying hiss and watch it start to set on contact.

6. Place the pan back into the oven for a  20-minute bake until puffed and perfectly golden. After 20 minutes, leaving the oven door shut, turn off the oven and allow the Yorkshires to crisp up for 5 more minutes.

7. Finally, take out those picture-perfect puddings and get ready for rave reviews! Dig right in while hot alongside sliced roast beef and plenty of pan drippings, of course.

Finish off with a Final Cheeky Cocktail!

Can you believe the night is over already? Before sending your guests out into the night, let’s send them off with one last taste of holiday magic – flutes of fizzy Juniper and Tangerine Gin Fizz!

Make sure to froth up each glass with zesty lemon foam and a sparkling dusting of edible silver for one last candlelit toast together.

Find the recipe here!

Wrapping it up

From cooking the tastiest meals to transforming your kitchen into a hub of yuletide cheer, you’ve got everything you need to turn a casual get-together into a tradition-in-the-making that’ll have your guests reminiscing for years.

So, this season, get ready to embrace your inner party host!

Picture it now – the ones you love gathered around, cozy, and connecting over flavours of comfort. Even once the last morsel gets gobbled up, memories will linger on as the most delicious takeaway.

Here’s to the new stories, new dishes, and new inside jokes, and may your table be the place where everyone gathers, year after year, to experience the wonder of the holidays through food!