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June 16,2022

News from Construction industry in Kelowna

Looking for the latest news on home renovation and construction projects in Kelowna? Look no further! Our blog has very interesting information you need.

News from the Construction industry in Kelowna | President of Canadian Homebuilders Association of BC

Construction is booming in the Okanagan. This annual infographic presents how important Construction is in the City of Kelowna.

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The province’s population continues to grow, which means more construction projects are on tap for Cassidy deVeer as a president of 3rd Generation Homes and a President of the Canadian Home Builders Association in BC (since June 2022). Especially with the new Canada Construction plan to double the construction of new homes over 10 years!!

We want to encourage you to follow your upcoming news(Instagram/LinkedIn) regards to Building Regulations, Law and the new changes which will help Kelowna residents build faster and with better quality!

President of Canadian Home Builders Association in BCCassidy deVeer is working closely with top industry professionals to “reduce red tape and get more homes built” especially to make it more affordable, she said.