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December 01,2023

6 Tips For Choosing Furniture For Your Luxury Custom Home

The holidays invite us to come together and make memories with loved ones. 

As you look forward to celebrations in your newly built luxury home, the furniture you choose can transform functional spaces into gracious, welcoming environments for making joyful connections.

The chances are you’re ready to show off your new space by inviting your loved ones to come and join you, but it does raise the question.

How can you outfit your new home with furniture that works for you? How do you decide which pieces will bring your space to life while creating the experience you want to offer your family and guests?

With so many furniture pieces to evaluate, knowing where to start is tough. 

You want timeless elegance, comfort, and the versatility to accommodate intimate family gatherings and more significant social events. The furnishings should balance personal taste with a sophistication that matches the personality of your custom-designed spaces.

Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll walk you through 6 tips for evaluating and selecting furniture with hosting in mind. 

We’ll share our insider perspective on creating warmth, comfort, and flow across the rooms where you’ll create treasured moments with family and friends this season.

A modern-chic living space with a fireplace, couches, & wood accents

Tip 1: Define Your Style

The way we furnish our homes offers guests a glimpse into our unique personalities. Our space is simply a reflection of ourselves, and while there are some fantastic trends out there, you should always decide to embrace your style – whatever that may be.

This is how a house becomes a home. As you envision gathering with loved ones this season, consider what impression you want to make and how your furniture can set the stage. It will make your guests feel comfortable while expressing your personality throughout your space. 

Do you lean into luxurious, time-honoured classics with intricate details that evoke heritage and tradition? Or does a contemporary minimalist aesthetic better capture your modern, refined style? You may prefer a hybrid approach, blending beloved heirlooms with sleek, contemporary silhouettes.

Fortunately, today’s luxury furniture offers a variety of different aesthetics to suit personal tastes:

  • Classic style spotlights grandeur and symmetry with vintage motifs and rich finishes that create an ambiance of timeless royalty. Perfect for formal holiday occasions.
  • Contemporary style celebrates minimalist lines, neutral tones, and orderly geometric designs for an atmosphere of calming luxury. Ideal for smaller, casual gatherings.
  • Transitional style bridges past and present, combining the cozy elements of classic with the streamlined look of modern. Great for blending old and new traditions.

As you evaluate furnishings, keep in mind how the pieces will complement your custom home’s architecture and reflect the experiences you want to create this holiday season. 


Tip 2: Prioritize Quality over Quantity

When furnishing your luxury home, always remember that quality outweighs quantity. Rather than filling your space with many inexpensive, ordinary pieces, invest in a few exceptional ones that make bold statements – if this is your style, of course.

Since we’re talking about luxury homes, the chances are you’ll do best seeking out furnishings made from rich materials like hardwood, leather, and brass that create a sophisticated style while standing the test of time. Run your hands along the smooth oak dining table, sink into the fine leather sofa, and appreciate the gentle glow from the brass cocktail table.

Sure, the upfront investment is higher, but these unique pieces appreciate and become family heirlooms brimming with memories. Take time to notice subtle hallmarks of quality craftsmanship that set luxury furniture pieces apart. 

With exceptional beauty and durability, your carefully curated signature pieces will provide a warm, luxurious backdrop for creating new traditions and making holiday memories for years.

A modern home designed to be open and airy

Tip 3: Seek Balance, Harmony, and Flow

This tip is the most challenging one to convey, but it will make a huge impact.

A well balanced luxury home delights the senses with harmonious style from room to room. Each room may have its own flow, style, and energy, but the connection between each room will still need to feel like a gracious stream.

As you select furniture, consider each piece’s size, shape, and finish in relation to the architecture and purpose of the space. You’ll feel halted and held back if you walk into a room and are greeted with the large, plain, brutal side of a wardrobe or cabinet. 

If you walk in and can move around the space and have plenty of light and room to move, you’ve created a good flow. In grand, high-ceilinged rooms, taller silhouettes can provide pleasing verticality: an arched floor lamp to accentuate height, a stately cabinet to complement expansive walls, and an elegant china hutch to echo the lines of tall windows.

For more intimate settings, choose smaller-scale furnishings with fluid, rounded shapes:

  • A delicately curved chaise lounge
  • An oval coffee table
  • A set of nesting side tables 

Softer shapes and smaller proportions help foster connection and conversation in cozy rooms where loved ones will gather this season.

Yet, whatever approach you take, ensure you take measurements beforehand. Tailor your space as perfectly as you can, and it makes such a difference. Even a set of drawers 10 cm wider than it should be will create a negative feeling that will nag you whenever you enter the room.

Luxury implies comfort and tranquility; a well-furnished room invites movement and stillness with careful attention to scale, so be active in making it happen.


Tip 4: Mix and Match Furniture Pieces

While anchoring your luxury rooms in timeless, elegant staples, consider punctuating traditional furnishings with playful pops of colour, joyful patterns, and unique seasonal accessories. This is especially important with the holidays on the horizon and creating a festive and welcoming space that still feels like you.

The best way to do this is to blend styles and materials for fascinating contrast – imagine placing a set of sleek modern bar stools around a substantial wooden kitchen island carved with rosettes. Or you are topping a marble-topped bombe chest with a vibrant poinsettia display. Gorgeous.

You can also experiment with festive colours and motifs: bring in stately wingback chairs with embroidered velvet pillows in crimson and emerald hues. Roll out an area rug with an ornate pattern featuring wreaths and birds, or pull distinctive pieces into harmony and identify a common thread. 

Remember, don’t go overboard (unless this is your style), and try to maintain a core neutral palette accented by jewel tones in accessories. 

Simple is almost always better.


Tip 5: Opt for Comfort and Functionality

While awe-inspiring aesthetics make an impressive first impression, the furnishings you live with daily should also feel like old friends – reliable, comfortable, and familiar. It’s great to make a statement, but remember that this is your home and should feel as such. 

Take a moment to imagine your friends and family gathering this season, and choose pieces that invite lingering with cozy intimacy and quiet connection that create opportunities for this to happen in the best possible way.

We love looking for things like plush, sink-in comfort combined with practical utility like concealed storage and adaptable configurations. Modular sectional sofas invite casual lounging when you host kids home from college. Customizable media cabinets keep essentials organized but out of sight.

Also, seek out ergonomic designs crafted to cradle the body, ensuring furnishings complement natural postures. This thoughtful support allows guests of all ages to relax completely amid meaningful conversation and creating new traditions.

Surround yourself with functional beauty designed for visual appeal and living enriched by profound and effortless comfort.

A simple open concept living room with green and cream accents


Tip 6: Be Mindful of Color and Texture

Colour and texture shape the sensory experience within a home, defining the atmosphere through sight and touch. From a design perspective, they’re one of the most critical factors. 

You could design two bedrooms precisely the same way with the same furnishings and layout, but if one room has red sheets and the other blue, the room will feel completely different.

Therefore, as you curate finishes and fabrics, you must consider how layers of colours and textures can infuse spaces with warmth and seasonal spirit. A bold crimson dining chair livens neutral walls, contrasting quiet tones with festive flair—plush velvet pillows in shimmering emerald beckon fingers caress their soft, fluid texture. A nubby linen sofa thrown in creamy ivory invites snuggling into quiet conversation before a crackling fire.

Layer colours and textures just as you layer old and new traditions around the holidays. Combine timeless neutral backdrops with vivid accents and accessories that inject spaces with energy and new life. Contrast sleek and smooth surfaces with cozy textures begging to be touched. And that is how you create an experience with space.



Furnishing a custom-designed luxury home is no small undertaking but is immensely rewarding. You have the creative liberty to define your unique style and set the stage for meaningful moments that become lifelong memories.

Ultimately, a gracious, welcoming environment stems not from cost or extravagance but from thoughtful curation. Define your signature style, invest in quality craftsmanship designed to endure, seek balance and comfort, and infuse personal touches that spark warmth. The rest will radiate the spirit of luxury.

Remember that a home is not a static space but one that evolves with your changing needs and new additions to the family. As you furnish with quality, comfort, and flexibility at the forefront, you are set for gatherings and celebrations for years to come.

Happy furnishing!