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February 01,2021

Inspirational Home Offices

Who would have thought that over the past year, our home offices would become such an important part of our daily life…? After seeing the same room every day of the week, you may be in need of a little refresh to keep that productivity up! Check out these inspirational spaces that were some of the most saved on Houzz in 2020!

This was the number one most saved space, and it’s easy to see why. Nestled between patio doors and a cozy three-sided fireplace – this home office is flooded with natural light, offers plenty of storage and looks like the ultimate place to get through a day’s work!

Photo: The Bespoke Interior Inc.

This home office is stylish, yet serene and calming all at the same time! In such a beautiful space, you wouldn’t need a virtual Zoom background anymore!

Photo: Molly Solich Design

If you aren’t able to dedicate an entire room as your home office, that’s okay, you can still create a great space for working from home. Consider using the edge of your Kitchen – just a few drawers for storage, a piece of countertop and you’re set!

Photo: Honsen + Flemming Interiors

We absolutely love this home office space and the stunning views – but let’s be honest, how could you get any work done in here!? We’d be longing to get out, go for a hike and enjoy the sunshine!

Photo: McQuay Architects

This may not be one of the most saved on Houzz, but we couldn’t resist adding in this glamorous home office from one of our Kelowna custom homes! A space that makes us actually want to sit down and tackle our to-do list… who would have thought??

Photo: 3rd Gen – Kyle Sanguin Photography