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March 15,2021

BBQ & Spring Home Maintenance

Are you ready for BBQ season?

Spring is the perfect time to give your BBQ some attention and clean out all the residue that has built up over the winter.
– Take out the grates, wash them down with warm soapy water and give them a good scraping
– Take out the burner covers, wash them down with warm soapy water and give them a good scraping
– Clean out any bits and pieces that have fallen into the BBQ to prevent a fire from starting
– Don’t forget to empty out the grease drip tray!

Now that your BBQ is cleaned up, make sure to check all of your fuel lines for any leaks. An easy trick for this is to mix 50/50 dish soap and water, then brush it on connection points. Hopefully you don’t see any bubbles and you’re ready to grill! If you see bubbles – you now have a leak to address!

Regular maintenance to your BBQ will not only help to prolong its life, it’ll help it to continue cooking like the day you bought it. If you spend a few seconds putting oil on the grates before cooking foods like chicken and veggies, you’ll prevent any sticking and get those professional looking grill marks too (yum)! Lastly, when you’re done using your BBQ, take a minute to scrape down the grates while they’re still warm.

Don’t forget these other checklist items to help you get ready for warmer seasons ahead:

Check & clean sump(s)
Check house clearance to grade
Check grades for fill in low areas
Check and clean window wells
Check exterior caulking; re-caulk if necessary
Inspect/clean exterior cladding
Clean gutters & downspouts
Clean windows
Check roof for defects
Check foundation for leaks or damage
Check concrete slabs for leaks or damage
Check/refinish wood doors & windows

Re-caulk showers & bathtubs if necessary
Seal shower & bathtub tiles
Seal floor tile grout
Re-caulk countertops if necessary
Seal stone/marble countertops
Lubricate door hinges
Wash range hood filter
Inspect attic
Drain & refill hot water tank
Clean & change furnace filter

Regular home maintenance is required by homeowners to ensure they maintain their home warranty. For all 3rd Gen homeowners, make sure you are checking off each item in the Travelers Canada New Home Maintenance Manual of your Home Warranty Binder.